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About Me

I am a self-taught photographer who loves capturing "moments" I have always been fascinated by family and features. Life is art and so amazing when you think about certain pieces of yourself, Outside of yourself, living, breathing and becoming their own individual human being. Being able to look at yourself and see your family's history in your facial features, in your body type, and the way you move.

At 15 meeting my grandmother for the first time I walked through the door, my grandmother saw me, Covered her eyes and started to scream. I was terrified. Once my grandmother calmed down she explained to me how she thought her father walked in the door. A man whom I've never met, A man who is no longer on this earth, A man whom I share a likeness.

All I wanted to do is to see a picture of this man ......my great grandfather and when I saw his picture I saw pieces of me!

I have always seen things differently and was unable to explain it sometimes but now with the camera in my hand, I'm able to show what I actually see. I like lines and authenticity I'm not a "Posey" photographer :) I strive to make a connection so that the session will be as comfortable as possible.