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    Note: Frame shown is for display purposes only and may not match actual frame. 


    Named for Musiq Soulchild's 2003 track "Momentinlife" from the album soulstar

    "But have you ever had that moment in life /

    Yeah, when everything is cool /

    Didn't have to worry about the time /

    It all went as it should

    You were having the greatest moment in life..."


    (Listen in full on the US: An Art Exhibition Playlist on Spotify)


    These creations go beyond being visual masterpieces celebrating the vintage fashion of an era where Black people thrived; they are a harmonious celebration of the artist's deep connection to the melodies that move and inspire.


    Explore the collection with a matching curated Spotify playlist and immerse yourself in the captivating interplay of fashion, history, and the lyrical essence that brings each piece to life.


    Model: Madison Cross 



    Note: Frame shown is for display purposes only and may not match actual frame. 


    SKU: NLF-DEC-2023
    Only 1 left in stock

      Print comes in a vintage gold frame. Actual frame may differ from the one shown.


      This product is an exclusive, limited edition (1/1) piece from the 2023 exhibit, "US: An Art Exhibition." All sales are final.


      Customers have the option to have their portrait delivered for a specified cost or may opt for free pickup at our St. Paul studio.

      Pickup Instructions: To schedule a pickup, please send an email that includes your order confirmation number and phone number to Photographer, Roosevelt, will reach out within 24 hours to coordinate the pickup.

      IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All portraits will be on display at Strive Bookstore as part of the US: An Art Exhibition showcase until December 28, 2023. Please note that portraits will not be available for pickup or delivery until after January 2, 2024.

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